About Lara K.

Thomas & George features Original Designs by Artist and Furniture Designer, Lara K. Sarmiento. Her work is a blend of East-West, traditional and modern influences derived from her travels and life experiences, resulting in her own personal artistic style. At our workshop, we combine traditional furniture making techniques with Lara's original furniture designs, some of which feature her distinctive Sculpted Leather Artwork. Lara's amazing designs are unmistakably masterful, elegant and timeless. A worthwhile investment for those who prefer to have Limited Edition or One of a kind pieces in their homes.

Lara has always been an artist at heart. Creativity was always second nature to her and she loved designing even from a young age. She studied Interior Design at the University of the Philippines; from there she engaged in freelance work and then found her home in the high-end furniture manufacturing, export and retail industry where she worked for many years, designing for clients in the Philippines, Europe, USA and Australia.  It was when she became a resident of Australia that she underwent a course at The Melbourne School of Fine Woodworking and studied Leather crafting. She experimented with various techniques, which eventually led her to develop her own cold-relief hand sculpting method.

As the Creative Director of Thomas & George, Lara envisioned the concept of creating "Artisan Furniture". Original Limited Edition designed pieces made by Artisans, skilled Craftsmen and women to be collected as works of art.

She personally designs, creates and signs each unique Leather Art Piece herself; some of which form part of our “One of a Kind in the World” Collectibles.

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It all begins
with a sudden spark
of inspiration.

A simple thought, then a quick sketch.

Then compelled by this excitement,
you desire to express your
design and create what you envisioned

Lara K.