Thomas & George features Original Designs by Artist and Furniture Designer, Lara K. Her Signature style is a contemporary blend of both eastern and western forms. Her Collections are inspired by elegant classical motifs influenced by nature; imbued with Lara’s own personal Artistic Creativity, resulting in designs that are unique, new and timeless.

Lara Kristine has always been an artist at heart. Creativity was always second nature to her and she loved designing even from a young age. After studying Interior Design at the University of the Philippines, she worked in the high-end furniture manufacturing, export and retail industry for over 20 years offering bespoke service to clients in the UK, Italy, France, USA and Australia.

it was Lara who envisioned the concept of creating Artisan Furniture and she developed the “Artisan Hand Sculpted Leather Technique” and personally designs and sculpts all the Limited Edition leather artwork herself.

"To make a real difference in our own small sphere"
M. Marie Eugenie



* The furniture designs found herein are protected by Intellectual Property Laws and may not be reproduced without legal consent by the designer.